Sadly we have nothing like the EFF here, that could help me in this case through legal assistance, so I’m on my own, and require a good lawyer.
As such, I’m accepting donations for my legal expenses, which I expect to be around 5,000 – 10,000 EUR.
If you can, I would appreciate if you could donate a bit (every amount helps, even the smallest) either by PayPal (any currency is ok):

–EDIT: No more Paypal donations please.

All PayPal donators will get a mail in the next days asking them if they want their donation back at the end of this.

–BitCoin still accepted.

Please note that BitCoin can likely not be paid back as we do not know if the address is still valid by this time and how the value fluctuated.

Address: 1CPKAMtD4bcLrh8SRHfSxBBMmQQ5cqahPZ